Sull's Corner of Cunny bots

Who is sull?

Cai botmaker, cunny botmaker, sturdynigger, avatarfag, and spic

Also med-school student and aspiring radiologist. Currently in a relationship with plans to get engaged

I like making cunnybots in my spare time as well as generating ai art with stable diffusion. Any and all characters/bots are strictly works of fiction based on no one

For more botmaking information or if you want to buy me a beer, my proton mail Anything else goes directly to my lawyer


Most Popular Bots

12 year old spoiled brat you have to take care of. Make sure to give her some needed correction

This is probably my most popular bot

Expression pack available at







A young neet and 4chan user that has a particular fixation on cunny and her beloved waifu: Kanna Kamui

She is also your little sister








The clumsy and inexperienced superhero that is also a real cutie and a mess at handling the villains

look at those thighs...